Haub Scool of Environment and Natural Resources

ENR 4890/5890 Environmental Impact and the National Environmental Policy Act

This course uses lectures, discussions, and writing to explore the methods and tools for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis of projects that have the potential to cause environmental impacts. This course will also explore how the tools of these disciplines fit together to inform policy and make decisions on environmental and natural resource policy and management issues. 


ENR 4900/5900 Environmental and Natural Resource Assessment Practice 

This course will use a winter break trip to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, as the foundation for a semester-long exploration environmental assessment practices in the European Union. After returning to campus, we will use lectures, readings, discussions, and writing to explore the methods and tools sanctioned by the European Union for analysis of environment impacts by the member states. This course will also explore how the tools of environment impact analysis inform policy and decision making. 

Program in Ecology

ECOL 5350 Conservation Grazing: Oxymoron or New Frontier

The objective of this class is twofold. Objective 1 is to understand the history of conservation concerns about livestock grazing in the West. Objective 2 is to understand the new directions livestock grazing is taking and evaluate the idea of conservation grazing. To reach these objectives we will discuss journal articles and book chapters as well as presentations by selected scientists and managers working in the area of conservation grazing.


ECOL 5550 Ecology as a Scientific Profession 

This course is aimed at preparing advanced doctoral students for successful and rewarding careers in ecology. In this course, students will learn about academic and non-academic careers in ecology from readings and presentations from scientists in those positions. Students will identify important steps toward planning and launching their career-paths, and skills for being effective in these positions.  Students will develop their own career plan, curriculum vitae, teaching and research plans, and critiques of professional web pages.  Finally, the course will expose students to resources and opportunities for applying and polishing skills beyond this course.